Why success is not for everyone

Many of us have conflicting definitions of success. Some of us see it as obtaining money or fame, while others see it as attaining happiness or having a sense of fulfillment. Whatever your belief, we can all agree that success is to achieve your personal aim, which could be anything, as defined by your own outlook of life. We will also assume that all of us hope to become successful as soon as we can.

With that in mind, why isn’t success for everyone? Simply put, due to the homogenisation of society, where people are encouraged to do only certain things in order to aid in the country’s development, we see a convergence in terms of the personal aims of each individual. For example, what is most prevalent is the idea that success involves contributing the most economically to your country, in other words, an increasing number of people are starting to aim towards becoming wealthy and becoming richer than other people. The problem is that while each person’s definition of success should be unique to everyone, society has moulded an oversimplified and generalised definition of success, reducing the wide spectrum of individualised definitions to seemingly all-encompassing and universal ideologies of money and fame. This convergence of ideals and aims in life has caused success to become increasingly comparative and about being able to outdo someone else. As people start believing that success is to do better than others, this definition of success based on one-upmanship will result in only a fraction of the population being able to ever become considered by others as successful. In other words, success is no longer for everyone.

Apparently, the issue at hand, where success is not for everyone, is a result of the convergence of definitions of success.  Thus, as long as everyone does not see success as doing better than others in a given aspect of life, but rather as the attainment of each person’s individualised purpose of life based on the person’s talents and predispositions, we can rest assured that success can and will indeed by something that is within the reach of each and everyone of us on this earth.

To be frank with you, I am oversimplifying the problem. Success entails far more than merely the definition of success. Success also involves many other factors, such as the environment a person is brought up in, his degree of motivation, his drive for success, and his understanding of the unique purpose of his life. However, as much as I would like to continue discussion on each one of these aspects, I would have to end of with this clarion call for all of us — do not blindly believe what the world wants you to think, instead, view the world through your unique perspective and live life as your true self.


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